Smoothly floating @International atmosphere since 1992 and still going strong. Promoting international Rock, heavy and other relevant stars in Finland & abroad.

For more info and band bookings kindly contact

Susan /




Bands currently available for bookings through Sunny Side Up Promotions:
 The Secret Saints (ISR) *Worldwide*
Cryonic Temple (SWE)*Worldwide*
Voodoo Six (UK) *Nordic countries, Baltics and Russia*
Orphaned Land (ISR) * Helsinki & Riga*
KHALAS (PAL)* Nordic countries, Baltics and Russia*
Borderline (CH) *Nordic countries, Baltics and Russia*
Be Under Arms (RUS) *Nordic countries, Baltics*
Cryonic Temple (SWE) *Finland*
DRUM Records DJs (UK,GER, etc) *Nordic countries, Baltics, Russia & Singapore*
Available for all international bookings:
Flares (FIN)
Fumble (FIN)
Six Colder (FIN)
Grin (FIN)
Blueintheface (FIN)
Bad Apples plays GNR (FIN)
Carl Wirkkala (US)
Suuri Tuntematon (FIN)
Skate Chords (GER)
Turpajouhet (FIN)
Maestro band (FIN)
Little rum club (UK)
Blind Hen (FIN)
Lauri “Arno” Ankerman Duo (FIN)
Little Rum Club (UK)
Laura Sippoja ja tuki (FIN)
Sulferdust (FIN)
Timo Alakotila (FIN)
All bookings through Susan via email sunnysideuppromotions@gmail.com
or tel. +358414999053
Get notified by email, mobile or facebook whenever Sunny Side Up Promotions announces a concert in your area: http://www.bandsintown.com/SunnysideupPromotions








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